What to look for in a pressure washer for commercial purpose?
2021-03-24 20:02:29

Since you will be using the jet washer for a professional usage, you should use a commercial series engine with a triplex pump. It should have a welded steel frame of heavy gauge, along with this a steel braided hose of high pressure will meet your use. You can also use pressure washers of heavy duty tires, apt for commercial usage.

A few tips while using this device

After buying the right device for the right purpose, people often have difficulty using them properly. Thus, here are a few tips which will make your work easier.

· Try rinsing all the vertical surfaces from top down and wash it from bottom up.

· Color codes on the jet washer nozzles indicate the forcefulness and the narrowness of the spray pattern. Green indicates 25 degrees white indicates 40 degrees, red indicates 0, white means 40 degrees whereas black is used for low-pressure soap rinsing.

· Generally, the broadest nozzles of low pressure can deliver good performance because using too narrow nozzles can easily cut the surface which you are trying to clean.

· Test your washer on something before you apply it on the surface, which needs to be cleaned.

· Always remember to add gasoline before you fill up the fuel tank of the washer.

You can find them in the market easily

The jet washers are easily available in the market. It is not a new device, and with time, the cost has gone down to a great extent. You can find these in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Pick the one which will be of use to you. Washers which are petrol driven are usually more powerful than those who are electric driven. However, some of the most common driven by electricity are lower cost and lighter in weight than those which are petrol driven.

Think before you buy

Always keep in mind what you are going to use the jet washer for. 

You are using it for residential purpose, then try the medium sized ones which can be used on a daily basis. For professional use, a medium sized electric jet washer is enough. You might think that more pressure means easier work. However, using a narrow nozzle with high pressure can potentially damage the surface on which you are applying.