Dos and Don'ts for cleaning your car with a pressure washer 
2019-07-15 15:19:59


· Watch out for the initial burst of water that comes out of the pressure washer when you first turn it on. There can be a strong initial spray, so point the nozzle at the ground first.

· Try to pressure wash the car on concrete rather than on a gravel driveway to avoid the possibility of stones flying up and hitting the paintwork.

· Make sure all your windows are closed properly.

· Check the interior of your car after spraying to see if any of the doors have leaking seals.


· Use a rotary (or tornado) nozzle attachment when cleaning your car. It will be too strong and could damage paintwork.

· Use a strong spray on areas where paint is chipped as it could strip more paint away.

· Use a high spray setting on old tyres, as it has been known to make them explode.

· Ever spray the engine bay, the boot or the interior - unless you fancy buying a new car.

· Point the spray directly at panel gaps for too long as these areas will be most susceptible to leaks.

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