A Premium Quality Pump Makes a Powerful & Efficient Car Washer
2019-07-15 15:21:19

We do not just promise to turn your car spotless. We promise flawless result within a few minutes. We know the value of time and we want our clients to gain from our service. We are a profit-oriented organization; however, we are concerned about our clients’ profit. To meet our clients’ expectations, we use the service of trained staff and advanced high pressure washers. The joint effort helps us deliver our clients the best result.

Good-quality car washer pump offer tri-mode output. That is, these machines can provide all three types of output: cold water, hot water, and steam. However, steam is the most popular option for detailing, as it readily dissolves tough brake dust, bird splatters, and other tough residues stuck to vehicles.

Specialized High Pressure Car Washer are available for cleaning vehicles. These machines are specially designed for auto detailing and greatly increase the efficiency and speed of the cleaning job.

GeLe has the reputation of manufacturing premium products. We can proudly say that we set the benchmark for quality in car washing products in China and across the globe. We do not just manufacture a car washer. We manufacture the ultimate washers for automobile cleaning service providers. We use these washers in our auto-detailing centers and franchisees.

These machines clean the toughest of grimy spots and dirt without requiring manual scrubbing.

We can clean the cars within a few minutes.

We make this facility available to other car wash businesses and help them gain success with GeLe’s innovations.

We manufacture two pressure washers with different cleaning capacity – GL-C and GL-X.

· Can clean 25-30 cars within a day.

This amazing performance enables us to clean a maximum number of cars within a short period. The astonishing performance of GL-C/GL-X also helps our partners triple their profit.

The strength of GeLe pump is responsible for this exclusive performance. Our attention to minute details and our aim for perfection have helped us manufacture this exclusive pump.

· The GeLe pump guarantees durable performance and a pump head of forged brass makes it last for years. The performance of our car-washers remains the same despite continuous use.

· The thick ceramic pistons also increase the durability of this pump. These pistons enable the GL-C/GL-X to pump water continuously without depreciation of efforts.

· To create a forceful spray, the pressure-washers need a continuous flow of large quantity of water. The GeLe pump makes it possible for our pressure-washers. It has scientifically designed intake and delivery valves that guarantee a larger passage of water.

· The GeLe pump also uses double-gasket sealing system that prevents any type of leakage. This ingenious technology helps us clean maximum number of cars using a moderate quantity of water. With this advanced pump, we put an end to the wastage of water.

· The double lipped oil seals put an end to the leakage of oil when using our car-washers.

· The powerful performance of GL-C/GL-X pressure-washers comes from the scientific design of the pump’s shaft. This oversized shaft has a long end section. The pump can generate a powerful torque with the help of this oversized shaft.

The utilitarian features of GeLe pump are available with every car washer from GeLe. Our pressure washers not only deliver outstanding service to our clients. They also bring profit to our franchisee partners or other businesses all over the world.

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