Best Pressure Washer for Cars
2019-07-15 11:33:21

Have you ever wondered how car washes manage to clean your car in less than 10 minutes? With a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, it took me over 30 minutes to properly clean up my 2003 Chevy. But the same takes just 5 minutes at my local car wash. Well, once I got an appropriate pressure washer for my car, I took just 10 minutes to clean up the car, both outside, and the inside. So, whether you are planning to start a car wash business or just take care of your own car, you need a pressure washer. Mixed with the right chemicals, you can enjoy a clean ride that looks great and attracts attention.

Before I share the steps on how to use and find the best pressure washer for cars, here is another reason why you should be using an electric pressure washer and not a bucket of soapy water. Salt-laden air up north tends to percolate on the road and eventually forms a layer on your vehicle every winter. The same is applicable for cars operating in dusty and dirty gravel roads. This layer of salt of dirt can often damage paint or at the very least the shine. Washing cars often helps in maintaining the shine and keeps them looking amazing for over a decade without the need to repaint. A pressure washer helps in this process by making it a simpler task than it actually is.